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304 S. Main Street
Noble, OK 73068

Zoning Map

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The City of Noble has the following Zoning Districts:

  • R-1-D    One Family Detached Residential
  • R-E    Residential Estates
  • R-2    Two Family Residential
  • R-4    High Density Residential
  • R-MH-2 Mobile Home Park
  • O-2    General Office
  • C-2    Planned Shopping Center
  • C-4    General Commercial
  • I-2    Moderate Industrial
  • PUD    Planned Unit Development
  • R-1-A    Attached One Family Residential
  • A-1    Agriculture
  • R-3    Medium Density Residential
  • R-MH-1    Mobile Home Subdivision
  • O-1    Restricted Office
  • C-1     Restricted Office
  • C-3    Community Commercial
  • I-1    Light Industrial    
  • I-3    Heavy Industrial
  • SPUD    Special Planned Unit Development\

Please visit City Hall at 304 S. Main to view the latest zoning classification maps.