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Dental Lodge raises funds for Police

NOBLE — Earlier this year, a Noble police officer was having his teeth cleaned at the Dental Lodge. 

Knowing how budget cuts have affected many agencies, Dr. Gabe Nabors asked how things were going at the police department. It was then that Nabors learned about the need for computers in Noble’s squad cars.

“It surprised me that our police officers don’t have access to computers and they’re dispatched to places without maps,” Nabors said.

So, Nabors decided he wanted to help. Soon Noble police and the Dental Lodge discovered it would cost about $16,000 to put a computer in each squad car. Nabors said when he heard the price tag, he wanted to fundraise.

“Let’s try to do something. Let’s get started so we can make things a little better and a little safer for everyone,” Nabors said. “I think we have the possibility to make things easier for them.”

Computers mounted in squad cars provide officers with mobile connect, which — Chief Keith Springsted said — helps them communicate with dispatchers, locate residences and verify information. He said officers with access to computers can fill out reports without coming into the station, allowing them more time for community policing and other tasks

“It really frees them up,” Springsted said. “It helps all along the communication lines so they can spend more time on other things.”

Springsted said the community support this fundraising effort has generated is encouraging.

“I’m inspired by the generosity that the Noble community continues to generate,” he said. “This is a valuable tool that will provide a safer environment for police officers to operate in, as the Noble Police Department continues to seek to be innovative and current as it relates to our officers and community.

Katelyn Schmidt, registered dental hygienist, said the fundraiser will run from August through October. Fifty percent of the proceeds from select treatments, including fluoride and whitening treatments, and sales from Clinpro toothpaste and Peridex mouthwash will go toward purchasing computers. 

Schmidt said another way to help the cause is to mail checks payable to the Dental Lodge and indicate Police Fundraiser on the memo line. Checks can be mailed to Dental Lodge, 1009 Parkwoods Drive, Noble, OK 37068.

“I think it’s a blessing to work with people who care so much about the community they’re in and to help the people who protect us daily by providing them with the tools they need to serve in their duties,” she said. “I think it’s awesome that we get to help participate in that — that we can make a difference while they’re making a difference daily.”

Chief Keith Springsted and Noble police officers join Dr. Gabe Nabors and Dental Lodge staff to announce a fundraiser slated to raise funds to place computers in squad cars. Fifty percent of select dental procedures will be donated toward the equipment from August through October.